Recharge Your Batteries with a Relaxing and Wellness Stay in Trento

At the Hotel Adige, we know how to help people relax. Our 4 star luxury hotel at the heart of Trento is the ideal place to settle down for a few days, take things easy, and forget about any worries you might have back home. Thanks to our professionally staffed, fully-equipped Greta Wellness Center, guests can book massages, wellness therapies, sauna sessions, and much more. In just a few days, you can replenish your energies and be ready to get back to work - fresher than ever.

Take Advantage of Our Superb Wellness and Relaxation Services

Our hotel is the perfect place to organise a relaxing and wellness stay in Trento, and there are plenty of reasons to visit. For starters, our massage team are experts in reflexology and muscle therapies, helping to get every guest into peak condition. And we also offer Jacuzzis and hydrotherapy pools, with all the features needed to help guests relax. We can even administer beauty treatments like hydrodermatology, to make your skin look fresh, before you head out to enjoy Trento's culture and nightlife.

Explore Trento and the Surrounding Area with the Hotel Adige

During a relaxing and wellness stay in Trento, visitors can explore one of Italy's most magical cities, and most captivating regions. The Alto Adige around Trento is filled with dramatic Alpine valleys, and finding beauty spots for unforgettable moments is easy. The city is also a historical gem, with Roman mosaics, medieval frescoes, and art galleries to satisfy any culture lover. And then there's gastronomy. From fine red wines to distinctive cheeses, polenta dishes and apple pastries, the Trentino region is justly famous for its food and drink. Enjoy it all and relax as well by booking a room at the superb Hotel Adige.